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Denali Property Management, Inc.Ansell Grimm & Aaron PC
Denali Property Management, Inc.Ansell Grimm & Aaron PC

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Doors Open for Attendee Check-in/Registration
10:00am - 4:00pm: Exhibit Hall Open/Food Court
Hundreds of exhibitors will be featured offering all types of condominium, co-op and HOA services. If you get hungry, don't fret. Our conveniently located in-house food court offers a wide array of tasty snacks and light meals to keep you energized as you take in the Expo.
10:30am - 3:30pm: Educational Seminars
Industry professionals will present in-depth seminars designed to give attendees a wealth of insider information.
10:00am - 3:00pm: Free Advice Booths
Experienced professionals in fields ranging from law to finance to association maintenance will be on-hand throughout the show with advice and answers for both board members and property managers.


10:30am - 11:30am, Room 1
Short Term Rentals - Safety, Liability, & Other Challenges Presented by Non-Owner Occupants
Sponsored by: Ansell Grimm & Aaron PC
Speakers: David J. Byrne- Partner, Ansell Grimm & Aaron PC
Tony Nardone, Owner, Corner Property Management
Nicole D. Miller, Partner, Ansell Grimm & Aaron PC

Because of economic necessity, lifestyle changes, or simple opportunity, condo owners are increasingly making their units available on the short-term rental (STR) market via platforms like Airbnb, Vrbo,, and others. Attractive as they may be to some however, STRs generally violate rules and covenants, and can cause any number of problems for an association's actual owners and full-time residents. Issues of safety and security, property damage, liability, and community cohesion are just a few of these. This expert legal panel will discuss the challenges STRs present to boards, management, and the communities they govern, and offer tips on how to navigate a residentia dynamic that 10 years ago many of us could not even fathom.
11:30am - 12:30pm, Room 2
Leading the Charge - Electric Vehicle Charging & Your Community
Sponsored by: Taylor Management Company, AAMC, AMO
Speaker: Paul Santoriello, PCAM- President, Taylor Management Company

Electric vehicles are not just the wave of the future; they are here today. Your community needs to be prepared. This seminar will address issues concerning electric vehicles including the impact on your community’s infrastructure, how to apply for grants, legal requirements and concerns for community associations, insurance coverage issues, facilitating requests to install chargers, and managing a community with electric vehicles. You will hear from professionals in our industry who are actively dealing with these matters and will have an opportunity to ask them questions.
12:30pm - 1:30pm, Room 1
Hot Legal & Insurance Topics of 2023: What Managers & Board Members Need to Know to Protect Their Communities
Sponsored by: PeopleFirst Property & Casualty/Stark & Stark Attorneys at Law
Dawn Becker-Durnin, CIRMS- Vice President, Insurance Advisor, PeopleFirst Property & Casualty
Michael Luzzi, CPIA- Insurance Advisor, PeopleFirst Property & Casualty
Andrew Podolski, Esq.- Shareholder, Stark & Stark Attorneys at Law

After a few years of many unforeseen global challenges, multifamily boards and managers have a lot to think about when it comes to the governance of their communities. The landscape of everyday operations, long-term planning, and communities' relationship to liability and insurance claims has changed, and changing climate conditions have ushered in a new era of intense weather events and flooding. Aging infrastructure and the risk it poses to property and personal safety has also become a serious concern. This panel will address all of these issues, including the fiduciary duty of boards to maintain the structural safety of their communities under the Condo and Multi-Dwelling Acts, conducting state mandated inspections and repairs, liability considerations, significant changes in the insurance market for 2023, and how to make your community more resilient in the face of flooding, storms, and other natural disasters.
1:30pm - 2:30pm, Room 2
Welcome Aboard - Training & Orienting New Board Members
Sponsored by: Associa Community Management Corporation of NJ
Speaker: Mike Pesce- President, Associa

The vast majority of board members are volunteers - and while they may come to the role with professional experience in law, design, engineering, or other helpful areas, there's still a learning curve when it comes to the day-to-day functioning of a multifamily community. This informative seminar will offer tips to help shorten that curve and get new board members familiar with how their own community is governed, including a brief overview of governing documents, the board-management relationship, the extent - and limitations - of board power in both co-ops and condos, how effective meetings are structured, and the importance of transparency and good communication between community administrators and residents. The panel will also touch on other resources for board training and continuing education, as well as the concept of fiduciary duty, and how it applies to board members and the board as a whole.
2:30pm - 3:30pm, Room 1
Keeping the Peace - Managing Conflict in Your Community
Sponsored by: CooperatorNews New Jersey

Managers and board members alike need an array of tools to do their jobs well: communication skills, time management, and resourcefulness, just to name a few. But among the most important is the ability to manage the conflicts that inevitably arise, even in the most tight-knit community. Whether between board members, neighbors, or employees, unresolved conflict has a corrosive effect on both the governance and social cohesion of a community, leading to acrimony, and even litigation. This panel of pros will discuss the most common sources of conflict in associations, give practical tips on how to manage it when it arises, and offer paths to resolution without litigation.